(The offer is Valid only for Plus Members)

1. Open Flipkart App ,Login using Plus Subscribed account

Download Flipkart app from below link if you have not downloaded before or open Flipkart app by clicking below Link

2. Navigate to plus Zone

3. Click on Count Now on Banner

4. Play the quiz [Answers is Given Below]

Flipkart Count & Win All Correct Answers

Q 1.Count the number of hearts in the above image.
Answer : 21 Hearts

Q 2.How many PlusCoins are needed to become a Plus Member?
Answer : 50 Coins

Q 3.What is the expiry period of a PlusCoin?
Answer : 12 Months

Q 4.How many PlusCoins are needed to get an annual subscription of Hotstar Premium?
Answer : 50 Coins

Winners will be announced on 20th Feb 2019

*You will be Eligible , If you are comes in Lucky 200 then you will get Free Plus Coins


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